Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Girly & Glittery

I do love pink! I've created today's manicure as my polka-dot creation kept chipping and it was irritating me, so decided to take it all off and start again. I had a look at all my nail varnishes, and these pinks caught my eye. My Barry M glitter is pretty new, and the pale pink came in a set I got for Christmas. These are the varnishes I used:

1. No.7 - Glitterball
2. Glam - pale pink
3. Barry M - Rose Quartz Glitter

I've created glitter gradients before, and loved the effect. I love how you don't have to be too neat and exact, yet still can create a fab look! When I've had a go at this look in the past, the glitter has always been at the tip of my nail, fading away towards the cuticle. I've seen on other blogs where people have done this the other way round, with the glitter starting at the cuticle and fading away up the nail, so thought I'd give this a try!

I have to mention how brilliant the pink base coat I used is! It came in a set I got for Christmas. I didn't expect much of the polishes, but this pink is a stunning colour, and gives fab coverage. It applies really smoothly and evenly, yet isn't too thick. It's definitely the nicest pale pink I own, including ones from 17, Barry M and Nails Inc. It just goes to show that you shouldn't be a brand snob!! This is 3 thin coats of the pink on it's own with no topcoat or anything... so shiny!!

I also love this glitter from No.7, which came as part of a set. It has loooads of glitter so is great for creating a gradient. I used it underneath the Barry M glitter to make it look more glittery and dense at the bottom of each nail. The Barry M Rose Quartz is so pretty. I love the mix of big and small glitter, and the pale pink colour.

I finished this manicure off with a layer of top coat to smooth it out. Really pleased!

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  1. Looks just perfect- creme finish delicate polish and glitter is a perfect combo! Love it.


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