Sunday, 6 January 2013


Hi, I'm Sarah (Saz) and I've decided to start this blog to keep a record of my nail art, and of course post pictures! I thought I would also include tutorials to show how I have created some of my designs. Below I've included some of my favourite nails so far, and a range of tecniques I've had a go at... and there is still so much more I want to try! 

Inspired by my glasses! Created using masking tape for the stripe and a nail-art pen for the gold dots

My festive nails - christmas fairy lights! I used a nail art pen and brushes.

Bling! A Navy glitter gradient, with a 'feature' nail covered in gold gems.

A simple gradient using layers of gold and silver glitter.

My first attempt at water marbling - at least, my first attempt with decent results.

Halloween nails - obviously

Galaxy nails, created using sponging.

Freehand leopard print, using a nail art pen.

Love these! First real attempt at nail art. City Scape!

Pretty pink with sequin stars... I adored the look of these but the stars were so scratchy so they came off almost at once.

One of my favourite designs, created with masking tape and gems.

A recreation of the above design because I was so impressed with how it turned out!

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