Friday, 18 January 2013

Messing with Matte

After being sent a link to some beautiful matte nail art, I decided to hunt some of this polish down and test it out. I found a cheap bottle in Boots, by Rimmel - £4.95! And I bought it with my Boots points, so double Yay! I was desperate to have a play, so I painted over my pink glittery thumbnail to see how well it worked. The matte polish works brilliantly, but don't use it over glitter! It kills the glitteryness! So I decided to try and recreate the look I had seen online. Here's a set of pics to show what I used...

The look I had seen used a dark polish, but the only dark one I own is this Nails Inc very dark blue, called Motcomb St. This is two layers - see how shiny!

Then I added the matte polish. The brush is thick so it's easy to apply in a few swipes! The only problem was that the brush got slightly stained navy blue from the polish. Maybe I didn't leave the base colour to dry for long enough as I was impatient to see the matte!

I finished off by painting over the tips of each nail with the Nails Inc colour. In normal light it really does look black (which I wanted) but I've included a photo I took with the flash so you can see how it's actually really dark blue.

Let me know what you think! X


  1. Amazing! I need some of this SO BAD!

  2. I went to order this with my usual make up order on and IT HAD RUN OUT! I found a matte coloured nail varnish but I want a top coat so badly! These nails look fab though!

  3. These look great, I love the contrasting look. Did you do the tips freehand or with tape? They look very neat.

  4. Thankyou! :-) I freehanded them, just one swipe across the top of each with the nails inc polish x


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