Monday, 7 January 2013

My Supplies!

I'm not at work until tonight, so I've had another day to myself... I've resisted doing a new nail-art design as I'd like to keep these stripy red ones at least one more day! It is already starting to peel off though, and I can't stand for it not to look perfect - so probably will do new nails tomorrow!

So instead of doing new nails, I thought I'd show off my supplies for nail art. First, my polishes...

Obviously the square ones are Barry M (used to have a lot more from a while back, but had to throw some away due to them getting all dried up and gloopy! So these ones are my newly purchased ones, including some awesome glitter, some Gelly and some chameleon)
The silver topped ones to the left are Nails Inc, which a colleague generously gave to me (knowing my obsession) when she was having a clear out! They're mainly shades of pink and red. 
The small ones at the front with black and silver tops are all by 17. I love this brand, the colours are great, they dry quickly and give really good coverage, and they're really cheap too! 
At the back is my Ciate Caviar set that my fiancee got me for christmas. Some fab colours in there but I know it was expensive so I've yet to use it-  I think I will save it for special occasions! I love it.
At the back is my Seche Vite and my Sally Hansen topcoats which are both great. The Sally Hansen has lasted forever, and the Seche Vite is sooo shiny!
The rest are various sets/individual polishes I've bought or had given to me. It's great to have a big selection of different colours/brands! 

Next, my 'tools'...

Most of these are just basic household items used to create different effects... the masking tape is for stripes and sectioning, the sponges are for gradient, the straw is for creating a "splatter" effect. 
The eyeliner is for picking up gems/sequins to stick onto nails! The small nail-art tape is from ebay. The little stack of glitter to the right is from Primark. I've only tried using this once and it didn't work very well! The gold/black nail art pens/gems are from topshop. They're brilliant and well worth the £7 for the two. The silver/red pens/gems are from New Look - only about £3 which was brilliant just for the gems! The pens are not as good though. 
The most expensive thing here is my glass Leighton Denny nail file - it's brilliant though, as it isn't as rough on nails as cheap emery boards but files really well leaving the nail really smooth. Worth the money!

I also have these nail-art brushes which were also cheap on ebay, but I've not really been able to produce anything pic-worthy with them yet - I find them really fiddly, and the nail-art pens easier to use. I'll have to practice...

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